Which is worser Cannabis or Nicotine


Will nicotine cheek swab test detect cannabis?
No, it'll only detect nicotine.

Does legal bud contain nicotine?
No. The active ingredient in cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol and several chemical analogs. There is no nicotine in marijuana, legal or illegal.

Is there any nicotine in marijuana?
No,nicotine is actually poison to cannabis,that is why smokers should always wash their hands after smoking,before handling/working with their plants!

What drugs are harmful for your lungs?
All drugs that you smoke are harmful to your lungs; cannabis, nicotine, crack etc.

Will Cartoon Network get worse?
They are airing worser and worser shows every year so it getting worser.

How do you use worser in a sentence?
Your grades are getting worser.

What is the population of Worser Bay?
The population of Worser Bay is 1,200.

Is worser a slang word?
'Worser' is not even slang it is simply gibberish. Sorry.

Is it grammatically correct to say worser?
No. If something is in a less fortunate state, then it is worse, not worser.

What is ratio per cigarette vs marijuana tar and nicotine?
According to the University of Washington ADAI, December 2012, three to five times the tar of cigarettes is inhaled and retained in the lungs of cannabis smokers. Nicotine is the one chemical in cigarettes that seems to be negligible in pot smoke.

What are the ratings and certificates for For Better or For Worser - 1935?
For Better or For Worser - 1935 is rated/received certificates of: USA:Approved

Is cannabis worse that cigarettes?
No. Naturally grown cannabis is additive free, 100% natural, and non physically addictive. Whereas Cigarettes are full of hundreds of additives, have Nicotine that causes addiction that is as hard or harder to quit than heroine, and causes cancer. Cannabis has medical properties...it actually helps Cancer patients. However Cannabis when smoked does have Carbon Dioxide that is harmful to your lungs and may lead to respiratory issues. Also some people can get mentally addicted to...

Is smoking banana leaves ok and do they contain nicotine?
No, it is a mild form of cannabis, but when combine with the bark of a Ugandan fighting tree it becomes a powerful aphrodisiac. It can be more effective than Viagra.

What are the release dates for For Better or For Worser - 1935?
For Better or For Worser - 1935 was released on: USA: 28 June 1935

What is treatment for weed addiction?
A cannabis addiction is mostly a psychological addiction. To my knowledge, there are no 12-steps for cannabis or anything like that, but if there were any programmes, they would most likely be set up in the same way a nicotine programme would be set up, though the physical addiction is far less severe.

What effect does cannabis have on life expectancy?
Nothing. Smoke it without tobacco and it is safer than alcohol, cigarettes, and any other drug! Doesn't contain tar or nicotine so it isn't addictive and doesn't clog the lungs or give you cancer. Overall, Cannabis is great. You only live once, smoke up!

What are the names of all drugs?
Stimulants - Cocaine/Ecstasy/Methamphetamine/Amphetamine/Caffeine/Nicotine Depressants - Heroin and other Opiates/Alcohol/Barbiturates/Benzodiazepines Dissociatives - Ketamine/PCP/Salvia Hallucinogens - LSD/Pscilocybin Mushrooms/DMT/Mescaline And a harmless mix of them all - Cannabis Sativa (Marijuana) and Cannabis Indica (Skunk)

How much has cyber bullying decreased?
if you ask me 0% it just keeps getting worser and worser every year that's a way of life LOL

What is the legal name for marijuana?
Cannabis Cannabis Cannabis Cannabis Cannabis Cannabis

How do you detox for Vaporesso Luxe 220W Kit Aspire Spryte Elektronik Sigara Aspire Spryte Elektronik Sigara cannabis?
Cannabis is not a very addictive substance. Symptoms will be restlessness, loss of appetite (food doesn't taste as good as it used to), irritability and insomnia. The symptoms that aren't psychological are greatly less than those of nicotine, so I'll give you the same answer I give everyone I know who wanna quit smoking: Keep yourself busy!

Did the case of Scott make things better or worser?
Scott's case made things worser because of all of slaves not having heir freedom it lead them to the civil war.

What actors and actresses appeared in For Better or For Worser - 1935?
The cast of For Better or For Worser - 1935 includes: William Costello as Popeye Mae Questel as Olive Oyl Gus Wickie as Bluto

What are the qualities of a Cannabis culture?
The qualities of Cannabis culture include religious use of Cannabis and a Cannabis lifestyle. You can learn more about qualities of a Cannabis culture at the Cannabis Culture website.

What are some drugs that are harmful for your body?
any types of drugs if you have a bad reaction, could even be simple pain killers nomally cannabis(if taken over large amount of time) cocaine alcohol nicotine and class A and B drugs

How does cannabis kill people?
Directly, it doesn't. It is less toxic than alcohol, nicotine, or caffeine. It is not possible to overdose on cannabis. If one were to try, they would fall asleep before getting anywhere near a lethal dose. Indirectly, it could kill in the same way tobacco does: Lung cancer, emphysema, etc. It could also kill by impairing the driver of a car and leading to a fatal collision.

Is there a cannabis product for the electronic cigarette?
There are two products that may qualify for this answer. There are nicotine based juices that claim to taste the same as the average Cannabis. There are some juices in some states that contain THC, and some claim to have been successful in using hash oil in a vape juice (I discount this as hash oil is like honey and would require a strong dilution and lots of heat to vaporize the oil).

What brought the horrors of slavery into the northerners?
they beat them harder and worser.

What are the names of the drugs?
in the general order of popularity (this can vary, depending on where you are): caffeine alcohol nicotine cannabis heroin cocaine ecstasy amphetamines (speed and meth) tranquilizers (usually diazepam ortemazepam) LSD opium magic mushrooms solvents these are the most common

What is cannabis drugs made of?
Cannabis drugs are made of leaves from the cannabis plant or from resin(sap) of the cannabis plant

What is cannabis?
Cannabis is a genus of flowering plants comprising three different species, used for hemp, seed and seed oils, medicine, and as a drug. The dried flower buds of cannabis are used to make marijuana.

Is cannabis classified as cannabis?
The wording of the question could be less confusing, but assuming your question concerns the botanical classification of Cannabis, then yes, the Cannabis/hemp plant we know is Cannabis Sativa, the lone member of the genus cannabis.

What is cannabis oil?
Cannabis oil is a resinous substance that is extracted from cannabis plants. Cannabis is more commonly known as marijuana.

Why is parents and childrens relationships getting worser and worser?
somethings are worth to be kept. children need some time for themselves and parents should guide their every decision. parents are not there to manipulate their children, they are there to show to their children that they are worth it.

Does the word cannabis have to be capitalized?
Cannabis shouldn't be capitalized unless it's at the beginning of a sentence because it's not a proper noun. Cannabis does need to be capitalized when using its proper taxonomic names, Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica or Cannabis ruderalis.

How common is the typhoid fever now?
worser then the 1940's viruse

Is gangs better or IQOS Heets Bronze Sigara Tütünü worser than in the 90?
pretty much the same

What is the most common drug used in America?
While not often thought of as a drug, caffeine is the most commonly used drug in America. Ethanol (alcohol) and nicotine (in tobacco products) are the next most commonly used. As for illegal drugs, cannabis is the most widely used.

What does the song Welcome To your Life by Simple Plan mean?
This song means that one person thinks they have it rough because of a small problem but the truth is that there are people out there in the world in a much worser condition than u dealing with worser things in their life.

What kind of nicotine replacements products is out there?
Go tohttp:/video.healthination.com/wikianswers/smoking-quit-now.html to get more info on these: Nicotine Patch Nicotine Gum Nicotine Lozenge Nicotine Nasal Spray Nicotine Inhaler and iqos 2.4 more

What do people do when their addicted to the nicotine in marijuana?
There is no nicotine in Marijuana, nicotine is in cigarettes.

What ingredient is 'nicotine' in tobacco?
nicotine is not a poison and in moderation is healthy for you. Nicotine is located in most fruits and vegtables.

What is the scientific name of cannabis?
Cannabis sativa

Should the word 'nicotine' be capitalized?
No, there is no need to capitalize "nicotine."

What has nicotine in it?
Cigarettes have nicotine in it.

What is nicotine and what does it do?
Nicotine is in cigarettes.

Is worser slang?
No, it's just bad grammar. Bad, worse, the worst. Instead of worse, Aspire Elektronik Sigaralar worser, worsest as most other superlatives follow, like green, greener, greenest or dry, drier, driest. Adjectives for good and bad do not follow this format.

How did the agricultural revolution affect the population?
It affected them because it made the situation worser for the children

When did the drug war in Mexico start?
its been around 1980 but got worser in 2000

What happens when all 538 Objects come together?
The world will become worser then hell.

How to get cannabis?
its illegal to have cannabis unless u are proscribed.

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