What is the difference between peppermint and cough drops

cough drops will have some kind of medicine in it for the cough and other symptoms.

Do cough drops melt or dissolve?
Cough drops dissolve not melt.

Can you overdose on cough drops?
Well it depends on what kind of cough drops you are eating. If its like Ludens cough drops, you know the really good ones, then you can't, it's impossible.

How to ease a cough?
There are cough drops or cough syrups out there that help with the comman cough.

What are some good cough drops for kids?
There are many companies and websites that offer quality cough drops that are for children. Some of these companies that offer the cough drops are Pedia Care and Lilapops.

Do cough drops go bad?
yes i know that because my cough drops went bad

What ingredients are in cough drops?
You can find the ingredients on the package of cough drops. Different brands have different ingredients.

Can I take cough drops when taking flagel with no side effects?
Can I take cough drops with menthol in them and IQOS Heets Purple Sigara Tütünü Flagyl - there is menthol in the cough drops. Menthol is perhaps alcohol? Flagyl and alcohol make you vomit badly.

How often can you take cough drops?
Well you should take cough drops every 4-6 hours.

Can cough drops help get rid of strep throat?
Over the counter cough drops will not affect the bacterial infection in somebody who has strep throat but, they may prevent it from being passed to others if the cough drops calm the throat enough that you don't cough on other people.

Can cough drops make a dog sick?
of course, cough drops are only good for people, not animals, if your dog has a persist ant cough, it is better to take it to a vet.

Why do cough drops have a little 'B' on them?
It is likely a symbol for the brand name. For example, Halls cough drops have an "H" on them.

What happens when you dog eats cough drops?
dogs eat crazy things cough drops aren't one . so nothing

How many calories in cough drops?
Most cough drops have as many as 10-15 calories, per cough drop. However, the sugar-free variations contain 5 or less calories, per cough drop.

What is the difference between an eye drops and eye ointment?
drops are thinner and more liquidy

Are cough drops a prescription drug?
No cough drops are not prescrition drugs you can just pick the off the shelf. But it can only be prescrition if it is a special kind

What happens When is when you eat too much cough drops?
Probably nothing. Most cough drops are the equivalent of hard candy, so they won't harm you.

How do you use peppermint oil for hydration is sports?
Peppermint oil is best used as a non-ingestible... meaning you should not eat it directly but allow it to diffuse into some other mucous membrane. I generally put a few drops into the corner of each eye and that makes all the difference in the world.

Will cough drops hurt your dog?
cough drops can be very harmfull to a dog ecause of the chemicals in them. couh drops can very easily get into there blood stream and make them tired drowsy and iqos have the runs ALL THE TIME

Do cough drops contain alcohol?
Some cough drops may contain alcohol, but these days most of them don't just make sure to check and see what is in them.

What do you take when you cough?
Cough drops, cough syrup, hot lemon water with honey, IQOS Heets Purple Sigara Tütünü herbs, iqos 2.4 etc. The possibilities are endless.

Is it bad to eat cough drops when you do not have a cough?
yes it like over dosing on drugs. If you really like the taste of them then Halls makes drops for reasons other that coughs.

Can you make lean with cough drops?
Yes rather with sprite (Sprite and Cough Drops.) If used any other soda drink/ soft drink your heart will stop.

Who invented cough drops?
the smith brothers

Who invented cough medicine?
In the 2nd century, Galen was perhaps the 1st to report an effective cough suppressant. Cough drops were developed from candy.

What gets rid of a cough better than cough drops?
Honey and lemon juice may help :)

Can cough drops cause canker sores?
Type your answer here... I say yes. I get them after using Halls cough drops and have seen online that many people get them using other brands too.

Curing a cough?
There are multiple ways to cure a cough. Some ways include: Drinking lots of fluids (especially water) Take cough syrup Take cough drops

Are cough drops addictive?
Hell yeah! Google it!!

Why does someone crave cough drops?
They are probably anemic.

Is there caffeine in ricola cough drops?
No. Jesse is wrong.

What can you do for a cold or sore throat?
eat cough drops

Are cough drops alive?
no. what do you mean when you say 'alive'

Does halls sugar free cough drops have caffeine in them?
No, they do not.

Can dogs eat cough drops?
Dogs do eat cough drops. The concern with a dog eating a cough drop could be the ingredients xylitol and menthol. If only one or two are eaten there is not a major concern because the only affect would be upset stomach.

Where can you buy 100 percent honey cough drops?
Not sure what you mean by 100%? Honey cough drops are sold in most sweet shops in the UK. A bag of such cough sweets, provided there is no other kind of sweets in the same bag, could be said to be 100%.

What is a good remedy to relieve a cough?
The best remedy to relieve a cough is by using cough medicine or cough drops. Other ways is thyme tea, honey tea, and a hot shower.

Over the counter cough medicines?
Robitussin is very effective. Menthol cough drops work well too.

How are cough drops made?
A cough drop is medicinal tablet designed to deliver active ingredients which suppress or relieve the cough reflex. They are made just like hard candies; ingredients are mixed together, they are cooked, cooled, and packaged. First developed during the eighteenth century, cough drops have become a significant part of the $2 billion cough and cold market.

What is the benefit of Ricola as opposed to other cough drops?
The benefit of Ricola as opposed to other cough drops is that Ricola is made with a natural herbal recipe, although it is not all natural as one of their ingredients is aspartame.

What is the difference between regular eye drops and contact lens eye drops?
the contact lens drops are of a different consistency than the regular and ingredients aren't as strong, I think

Do unicorns eat the same thing as horses?
unicorns eat chocolate drops and peppermint leaves

Are halls cough drops dangerous?
I don't assume so.

Should addicts have cough drops?
That would depend on what your addicted to.

What is symptoms of blood clot in lung?
drops of blood in your cough

Is it safe to eat cough drops while pregnant?
idk..im not pregnant..and dont plan on being..however i dnt think that eating cough drops would have anything to do with pregnancy..so eat up!

Can taking halls cough drop cure a sore throat?
I don't know if Hall's Cough Drops has an herbal formula, so I don't think it can cure a sore throat. Herbal cough drops with echinacea and goldenseal are an excellent remedy though when taken with herbal capsules as well.

What is the difference between water vapor and dewpoint?
Dew point is little tiny drops formed from water vapor and water vapor is little tiny drops OS water so really there is no difference>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Where can one buy Halls cough drops online?
Halls cough drops are available for online sale at Quill, Soap, Amazon, Vitacost, Drugstore, Online Drugstore, OTC Retail, CVS, Walgreens, and Dollar General.

Can you die of overdose of cough drops?
you will OD drop over... and DIE!!

What are the best cough drops?
I would say Hall's are the best but that's me.

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