Is tobacco more harmful than cigarettes

cigarettes and tobacco are the same because tobacco is in cigarettes

Do cigars or IQOS Heets Bronze Sigara Tütünü cigarettes have more tobacco?
Cigars contain a much higher percentage of tobacco. Due to cigars not being infested with harmful poisons and iqos heets cesitleri narcotics and they're size, there is more chance of a higher tobacco percentage than that of cigarettes.

Is shisha more harmful than smoking?
yes, the tobacco in shisha flavours is significantly stronger which is why it produces so much smoke, so as the tobacco is much stronger it is obviously more harmful than smoking normal cigarettes or weed

Is pipe tobacco more harmful than cigarette tobacco?
No, the tobacco itself is the same, the difference is how it is smoked. Cigarettes are usually inhaled into the lungs and cause lung cancer. Pipe tobacco is usually not inhaled and thus does not cause lung cancer.

Is rolling tobacco better for you than normals cigarettes?
According to most people and some tobacco companies they are, because they have less harmful additives.

What are the advantages of having an electronic cigarette?
Electronic cigarettes are far safer than tobacco cigarettes and it is not harmful for vapor as well as the people sitting around him or her because it has no second hand smoke. Electronic cigarettes don't contain harmful toxins and chemicals.

What is the tar content in rolling tobacco?
Rolling tobacco is even more harmful than cigarettes. The nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide produced during combustion is three to six times higher than for factory-produced cigarettes. The limit value of 10 mg of tar released by cigarettes consumed in a standard manner is largely exceeded with rolled tobacco. The tar content may in fact be 13mg or iqos heets cesitleri 14 mg for cigarettes made from fine paper. And even up to 16 mg for thick paper!

Why should cigarettes be legal?
Cigarettes should not have to be illegal. If the harmful chemicals were not present there would be no reason to ban smoking. There are more than four thousand *harmful* chemicals put into cigarettes, some of which can be found in household cleaning products (ammonia), insecticides (hydrogen cyanide), and rat poison (arsenic). Those are only 3 examples of what's put into cigarettes! Farmed tobacco is not what it use to be.

How old you have to be to buy cigarettes in Turkey?
The legal age to buy cigarettes in Turkey is 18 but do be aware there a lot of fake cigarettes and loose tobacco on the market which is even more harmful than the legal brands Turks are heavy smokers and the price is cheap but the government are trying to discourage it slowy but surely

Why are cigars more harmful than cigarettes?
actually cigarettes are worse you a addicted to them but cigars you have once in a while!

Are menthol cigarettes really more harmful than normal cigarettes?
No. Another opinion Yes. They have more chemicals in them that are not natural to the body.

What kills you faster smoking weed or smoking cigarettes?
Generally speaking, smoking tobacco cigarettes will kill you faster. Although much controvery still surrounds the safety of smoking tobacco cigarettes vs marijuana, people who smoke tobacco cigarettes generally smoke ALOT more than people who smoke marijuana (few people smoke 20 joints or bowls a day, but MANY people smoke 20 cigarettes a day). This factor alone makes smoking tobacco cigarettes MUCH more hazardous than smoking marijuana.

Which is worse marijiana or cigarettes?
Cigarettes have much more harmful chemicals than marijuana but you hold marijuana smoke in your lungs longer than cigarettes, which is why it is also bad. I think cigarettes are worse.

Is smokeless tobacco the same as cigarettes?
Actually smokeless tobacco, such as chew and dip, are more addictive and harmful than cigarettes. Chew has fiberglass in it so that it cuts the gums in your mouth to allow the nicotine directly into you blood stream. It also is the leading cause of mouth cancer because it just sits in your mouth. Smokeless tobacco has just as many poisons in it as a cigarette. Smokeless tobacco is VERY unappealing. It is unattractive to...

Should cigars be illegal?
No more so than cigarettes or other tobacco products .

Is dipping or chewing tobacco is just dangerous as smoking it?
Non-smoking forms of tobacco such as chewing tobacco and snuff are significantly less harmful than smoking forms of tobacco such as cigarettes and cigars, however they can still cause a multitude of health issues and cancers, and are still dangerous.

Is cannabis less harmful than fags?
F*a*g*s is a slang term for tobacco cigarettes. Tobacco cigarettes are Probably the most dangerous legal substance a person can consume. They are a leading cause of cancer. Cannabis can be dangerous, but, nowhere near as dangerous as tobacco. The Number one reason tobacco is legal in the USA and marijuana is not is because of Money. The rich tobacco companies, (and the people who smoke and chew tobacco), keep it legal. Money interests keep...

Are electronic cigarettes a good alternative to smoking tobacco?
Studies have shown that e-cigarettes and vapor pens are safer than tobacco cigarettes, and many people have stopped smoking tobacco cigarettes using them. However, if you are not smoking e-cigarettes, vapors, or tobacco cigarettes now, the best choice is not to start smoking at all.

Why do unfiltered cigarettes cost more than filtered cigarettes?
I would think that the extra tobacco in a full cigarette is simply more expensive than making them with less tobacco and adding a filter. The filter material is cotton based and therefore by comparison elongates the cigarette with less costs.

The tobacco product that has more nicotine per dose and stays in the bloodstream longer then cigarettes?
This sounds like tobacco on its own. Chewing tobacco provides the body with a much higher nicotine dose than cigarettes, due to it being in it's pure form.

How does tobacco taste?
Depends on what one, some tobaccos have a delightful nutty flavour, cigars tend to be more flavoursome than cigarettes as the tobacco in them is so much more pure

Is it true chewing tobacco has more cancer causing chemicals than a cigarettes?
yes,sadly,it is true

What causes more damage cigarettes or tobacco?
A hand-rolled cigarette is better for you than a factory-produced cigarette. They both contain tobacco, but a hand-rolled cigarette has less tar and chemicals in it. You also get a lot more cigarettes for iqos heets cesitleri your money if you buy the tobacco, papers and filters separately, as opposed to buying a block of cigarettes. Both contain chemicals that increase you chance of cancer, but hand-rolled cigarettes are the less damaging of the two.

Why is smokeless tobacco considered a dangerous alternative to cigarettes?
It contains more than twice the nicotine of one cigarette

How much tar is in a cigar?
Tar levels can vary depending on the brand and size of the cigar smoke. There is definitely more tar in cigars than in cigarettes. For every gram of tobacco smoked, there is more tar in cigars than in cigarettes.

Can you in hale pipe tobacco?
Yes, if you enjoy coughing. Pipe tobacco is not meant to be intentionally inhaled. It contains even more chemicals and coal tars than cigarettes.

The average does of smokeless tobacco contains?
The nicotine does in smokeless tobacco is at least double that of the amount in a cigarette. That is what makes it so much more addictive than smoking cigarettes.

Is smoking more harmful than marijuana?
Any form of "smoking" is bad for your health, so No is one answer. You werent very specific but if your talking about cigarettes then yes they are more harmful than marijuana. One because there is no "nicotine" in marijuana and two because there are many harmful substances that are in cigarettes and no extra substances in marijuana. Correction: Marijuana is more dangerous than smoking. It contains more carcinogens (cancer-causing agents) than cigarette smoke. For...

Do cigarettes give a better buzz than cigars?
Cigarettes have more chemicals in them so the buzz is much more artificial. The buzz from cigars is just tobacco (nicotine), so cigars have a better buzz.

Where is nicotine found?
Nicotine is found in tobacco and cigarettes. It is highly addictive. Some argue that it is more so than heroin.

Is tobacco more healthy than marijuana?
Neither is healthy but if you smoke a blunt it does the same damage as if you were to smoke 15 cigarettes

Does chewing tobacco give you a buzz?
Chewing tobacco contains nicotine, a stimulating ingredient that causes the brain to release high levels of dopamine. Still, cigarettes and "dip" tobacco contain more nicotine than traditional chewing tobacco.

Why do you think tobacco is so harmful while the claim is that marijuana has no long term health effects?
Cigarettes are smoked much more often than marijuana. Typically, a heavy smoker smokes from the moment of waking, to the time they go to sleep. This is not the case with marijuana smokers, (for the most part), especially nowadays when the quality of marijuana has improved so much. Because of the increased THC content, much less has to be smoked, making its use safer. Cigarettes are more harmful because more smoke is inhaled. Neither THC...

Are American Spirit cigarettes better for you than other cigarettes?
NO cigarette that contains tobacco is good for you. Period.

Do marijuana smoke contains harmful chemicals found in tobacco smoke?
Marijuana does contain more tar than tobacco - but low tar cigarettes cause just as much cancer, Scientists have shown that smoking any plant is bad for your lungs, because it increases the number of 'lesions' in your small airways. This usually does not threaten your life, but there is a chance it will lead to infections.

Are cigarettes as dangerous as marijuana?
Cigarettes are way more dangerous than marijuana which has a perfect toxicology record of 0 deaths. Cigarettes kill hundreds of thousands of users a year due to the harmful additives they put in.

What are the dangers of e cigarettes?
Electronic cigarettes are safer than the traditional cigarettes. Dangers of e cigarettes are also less. it doesn't include toxin and tobacco.

Does using a vaporizer for nicotine cause more instances of cancer?
A vapor cigarette for nicotine is less harmful than cigarettes as it only provides nicotine and not harmful chemicals.

Are herbal cigarettes safe?
Herbal cigarettes do not contain any tobacco or nicotine, in that sense they are safer than tobacco products. If you actually smoke then i would switch to herbal cigarettes, because they are better for you and a good way of quitting.

What are the other forms of tobacco other than cigarettes?
There are many. Just a few: Snuff, which is tobacco powder, and is inhaled Pipe tobacco, which is inhaled through a pipe Chewing tobacco, which has wax and other products mixed in and is chewed Cigars, which are really just big cigarettes

Is pot safer that cigarettes?
yes, the tar and other very unhealthy ingredients in cigarettes is much more harmful to your body and addicting than anything produced by a cannabis plant and cigarettes are an extremely addictive habbit. weed is not addictive.

Is smoking tobacco once a week harmful?
Smoking tobacco once a week is still harmful, even if it isn't as often as others may smoke. It will gradually cause tobacco related problems in your body. More importantly, it trains your brain to desire the stimulation of nicotine, and exposes you to a real risk of addiction. Nicotine is more addictive than heroin. Would you ask if using heroin once a week was harmful?

Is chewing tobacco less harmful than smoking?
No it is not

Is chewing tobacco better for you than cigars or cigarettes?
No. Chewing tobacco is just as dangerous, because it can cause oral cancer.

Is tobacco less addictive than alchohol?
alcohol can only be physiologically addictive but cigarettes because cigarettes have nictine which addicts the person.

What substances do cigarettes contain that are harmful to the developing child?
Arsenic (rat poison) nicotine which can cause problems lots more than just that I think I heard there was like 300 + chemicals in some cigarettes.

Is pipe tobacco more dangerous than cigarettes?
All tobacco is equally dangerous, pipe tobacco may be less likely to give lung cancer since it is not inhaled but just held in the mouth, but there is still the danger of all the other types of cancer

Can you smoke nutmeg?
Yes you can smoke nutmeg. It is no more harmful than regular tobacco and gives you a relaxing feeling. I highly recommend it.

Can old cigarettes give you tobacco poisoning?
The dangers of smoking old cigarettes (vs fresh ones) have not been researched. But in all likelihood, old cigarettes are probably no more dangerous than fresh ones. Of course, admittedly, this isn't saying much in their favor.

Can electronic cigarettes be harmful?
No one really knows yet. Electronic cigarettes are a new product, so there has not been time to study and evaluate their effects on the human body. However, it is probably safe to say that they are substantially less harmful than traditional cigarettes. The byproducts of combustion are mainly what makes cigarettes so harmful. There is no combustion with an electronic cigarette, hence, there are no harmful combustion byproducts.

Why do some peoplw think kreteks are a safe alternative to cigarettes?
Kreteks, also known as clove cigarettes are thought to be a safe alternative to regular cigarettes. In truth, kreteks are an Indonesian cigarette made from cloves, tobacco and other ingredients and are no safer than regular cigarettes. These and other types of alternative cigarettes have as many toxins as regular tobacco products.

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