Does the e cigarette effect asthma


Which birth defect is most likely the effect of exposure to cigarette smoke?
Childhood asthma

What would be the most likely effect of cigarette smoke during embryo development?
Childhood asthma

Cigarette smoke can affect cell differentiation during embryo development Which birth defect is most likely the effect of exposure to cigarette smoke?
Childhood asthma

What birth defect is most likely the effect of exposure to cigarette smoke?
nicateen adiction ans..Childhood asthma

When a person breathes cigarette smoke cilia are damaged and much more mucus is produced What will the consequences of this?
The long term effect is COPD and/or asthma.

What causes asthma in a developing fetus?
Cigarette amoke

How the weather can effect asthma acttacks?
Well, if the air is polluted you are more likely to get asthma or if you have it already have a asthma attack. Other then that no weather does effect on asthma

How does cigarette smoke cause asthma?
The tar and other substances used in cigarettes clog the lungs and damage the cell causing asthma-like symptoms and asthma.

What cause asthma?
The cause of asthma are genetic and environmental factors. Environmental factors can include pollen, dust, cigarette smoke.

What are the solutions of smoking cigarettes?
You can try e-cigarette which cause less side effect than regular cigarette.

Can you recover fully from having asthma?
Yes you can recover from asthma, but not fully. a friend used to have asthma but it was from inhaling cigarette smoke. he got better after he stopped inhaling cigarettes smoke.

Does asthma alone stun your growth?
Asthma has no effect on your growth

Which diseases would be most adversely affected by cigarette smoke?
emphysema and asthma

How can tobacco effect a person with asthma?
tobacco will make the asthma worse!!

How does asthma affect pulmonary ventilation?
how does asthma effect pulmonary ventilation

Can you make yourself have asthma?
Possibly, if you are prone to it and you expose yourself to enough cigarette smoke.

Can weed help your asthma attack?
No, marijuana will not help an Asthma attack. Marijuana is actually worse for your lungs than cigarette smoke (short term and long term).

What are the effect of asthma?
asthma effects your lungs and airways by making them smaller and harder to breath

Can smoking effect how bad your asthma is?
It certainly can. It would be foolish to smoke if you suffer from asthma.

How does asthma effect your life?
i have asthma and it effects my life a lot : IE i cant run i cant do sports because i have an asthma attack

What are the side effect of inhaler for asthma?
Look on the side of the medicated asthma treatment (the asthma bottle). There you will see warnings and side effects.

Where does asthma effect a person?
in their lungs

Can asthma medications effect sperm counts?
No asthma medicine will not reduce your sperm count anyway.

Why is it that asthmatics should particularly avoid cigarette smoke?
because people with asthma have very sensitive airways

How does asthma affect the quality of life?
Asthma has an effect on the quality of life in different ways. Those who suffer with asthma spend more time off from work or school than those that do not suffer with the disease. In general, asthma can have a negative effect on a personâ??s physical, psychological, and social health.

What are the materials that you need to know about does cigarette smoke effect the growth of plants?
what do i need for my materials to know about cigarette smoke effect the growth of plants

How is asthma transmitted?
Asthma is not transmitted like an infection (eg. the flu, colds, etc.). Rather it tends to be a condtion a person is born with, or born with the tendancy to get asthma later on in life. Asthma attacks (when a person with asthma begins to struggle to breathe) are brought on by exercise, pollutants (cigarette smoke, city smog), allergens (pollen), even cold air.

Does laughter Yoga help with asthma?
Unless the person has exercise-induced asthma, iqos yoga would have no effect on asthma. If they do have exercise-induced asthma, iqos sigara it is possible that the yoga could actually trigger an attack.

Can you take fluoxetine when you have asthma?
I've taken fluoxetine for years and I have severe asthma. I've noticed no effect at all.

How does the environmental effect asthma?
Air quality can sometimes cause asthma attacks along with extremely hot weather.

How does asthma effect others lives?
people have a better life when exposed to asthma they get to go to the hospital and get room service.

Can a child have asthma attack?
No children are immune to asthma. This is because of an effect of something called the "You're a idiot Fairy"

Does asthma effect your allergy to dogs?
Yes, it could. An allergic response can trigger an exacerbation of asthma. Common types of asthma attacks are actually caused by allergic reactions.

What effect does an inhaler have on asthma?
It opens up your lungs

How does smoking effect asthma?
the smoke gets into your lungs and irritates them, it also makes the air polluted which irritates your lungs, if you have asthma.

What effect does cigarette smoke have on someone with a pacemaker?
One cigarette is equal to three hours dope session.

Does asthma effect your lifespan?
There has not been any significant medical research to prove that suffering from asthma has adverse effects on a person's lifespan.

How does asthma affect the lungs and the exchange of gases?
Asthma does effect the exchange of gasses because it blocks the windpipe making it hard to breath.

Can brandy help in asthma?
Yes it, does as alcohol gives heat. It has worked for me. More on this The effect of alcohol on asthma has been studied by researchers with mixed results. Some studies have reported that alcohol has a beneficial effect on asthma, while others report worsening of symptoms. It has been suggested that additives in alcoholic drinks can cause bronchoconstriction and exacerbate symptoms. Also noted is that pure ethanol has a beneficial effect on asthma treatment...

What is the effect of cigarette smoke on household plants?
If i test to see how cigarette smoke affects household plants, then it will be that cigarette smoke has shown to have an plants though it with oxygen.

What are two effects habitual cigarette smoking have on a smoker's family?
i guess it could influence other family members to smoke and also substances form the cigarette could cause family members to develop asthma etc

How does cigarette affect a persons mood?
a cigarette effects the mood because it could effect the brain of someone by chemicals

Can asthma effect your mobility?
Asthma is a condition that makes you breathless. If not managed properly, you can become breathless when walking, running and also when sitting or sleeping

What parts of the body does asthma effect?
Tthe lungs are affected by asthma. This makes the body become exhausted and open to an asthma attack. it true it affect your lung you get tiered faster than people without asthma your chest starts to hurts and it gets difficult to breath i now this because i have asthma

What is the effect of cigarette smoke on trachea?
Fock you conts

What is meant by how strong is a cigarette?
on how pure the smoke is and how it can effect you

Does change in season affect asthma?
Yes, Iqoz fiyat without question the symptoms of asthma change with the seasons. The reason: because asthma is, in part, an inflammatory condition, there are a huge number of environmental factors (e.g., being around cigarette smoke) that can exacerbate asthma. Since environmental factors change as the seasons change, it makes sense that asthma symptoms would too. Things that typically cause seasonal allergies (e.g., pollen) can exacerbate asthma. The relative humidity can also contribute to asthma symptoms, and...

What are the causes for COPD?
COPD is an umbrella term for asthma, bronchitis, emphysema and heets cesitleri respiratory illnesses. The most common cause of emphysema is cigarette smoking.

How is smoking harmful to yourself?
Cigarette smoke contains a number of different toxins, including carbon monoxide, which reduces the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood, and tar (or polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) which cause cancer, and nicotine which is addictive and which is a vasoconstrictor (causes blood vessels to contract) and particulate matter which gets the lungs dirty and iqos sigara contributes to diseases such as asthma or emphysema. The overall effect is that cigarette smoking is EXTREMELY bad for your health. Don't...

What effect does cigarette smoke cause the ozone layer?
Cigarette smoke releases harmful gases. These gases deplete the ozone.

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