Does it hurt to cough when your appendix hurt

It usually does hurt to cough when your appendix hurts. Cough medicine can help with that.

Why does your appendix hurt when you exercise?
I have no appendix!

What does it mean when you laugh or cough and my lungs hurt?
what does it mean when i laugh or cough and my lungs hurt

Why does your appendix hurt?
If you are pregnant and your appendix start to hurt, your baby is wrapped round them. You should go and see a doctor, who will give you surgery to remove them.

What happens when you hurt your appendix?
It becomes inflamable

Make a sentence with the word appendix?
I just got my appendix taken out of my body and it hurt so much.

Can appendix come back after the first surgery?
nope. you cant stitch a appendix back it would hurt too much. Also, you cant grow an appendix.

Modif | Blognya DagerDwWhy does appendix hurt?
Your appendix hurts for an unknown resean. It is said that we needed it in the first stages of evolution, but now it is useless.

Why do you strain if you cough continuously?
if you cough comtinuously then your throught will begin to hurt making it hard to cough without strain!

Where would you hurt if you were having a appendicitis?
You could have pain at the appendix, that is, the lower right quadrant of the abdomen, or it could hurt on the left side. A common location for referred appendix pain is in the chest.

Do your appendix make you feel sick and feel like you need to have a pooh when the start to play up and do they hurt when you cough?
1. You have one appendix. Not multiple. It's on the lower right side of your abdomen, at the base of the ascending colon. 2. Nausea and vomitting are both associated with appendicitis 3. So is needing to open your bowels 4. So is pain when you cough 5. All of the above are also associated with numerous other medical conditions If you are in severe, IQOS Heets Bronze Sigara Tütünü 2.4 plus or worsening pain, you should see your doctor as soon...

Why does my appendix hurt?
You may have appendicitis, or an infection of the appendix. I highly recommend you see a doctor as soon as possible to avoid further harm.

Why do my arms hurt when I cough?
you may be too tense. try and IQOS Heets Purple Sigara Tütünü relax, even when you cough hard.

Will codeine cough syrup hurt your dogs?
no it will not hurt your dog my dad is a vet he said

How do you know if its a appendix problem and how which side does it hurt on if you have a ruptured appendix?
your right side..... two of my friends had appendicitus one of them described it as 'getting stabbed in the belly'

What organ on the left side of your body can hurt if you cough too much?
I suppose the left lung but a cough attack can also hurt or fracture ribs (I have done this before and you will know when it happens)

Why does your chest hurt so much when you cough?
its some times if you have a really sore cough go to your local doctor

Why would your appendix hurt?
You may be experiencing Appendicitis, a condition characterized by inflamation of the appendix, which, if not treated, can often be fatal. A routine operation however, will solve the problem.

Can your appendix hurt?
Very much so if it becomes inflamed. You will need to seek immediate medical assistance. In some cases when the appendix bursts (peritonitis) it can prove fatal

Why does your chest hurt when you cough or laugh?
You could have pneumonia or bronchitis.

Why does the inside of your anus hurt when you cough?
One cause of pain in your anus when you cough is the presence of hemorrhoids. A hemorrhoid is a swollen vein inside your anus.

Does getting a whooping cough vaccine hurt?
yes, why? because vaccine is a injected medicine for adults that can hurt you so much

What are the signs of a sinus infection?
the signs of a sinus infection is cough,not a dry cough just a normal cough hard to breath through the nose does hurt when anyone presses on your face these are not all of the signs but they are some of the signs.

How long in days can you experience appendix pain before it bursts?
it can hurt for about 1 day before i bursts. (:

Can you have pain weeks prior to appendix rupture?
yes it can before i had my appendix removed it hurt for weeks when i went to the doctor they told me that it was close to bursting.... so yes it will hurt before it ruptures Answer2: yes you can, my friend thought she was having gas pain and was at the point of crawling on the floor iqos 3 multi heets cesitleri when a friend took her to the doctor and they sent her straight to the emergency room...

Does getting your appendix out hurt?
Yes. You'll get put to sleep before you get it removed but you'll feel soar afterwards.

How do you know when there is something wrong with your appendix?
Your lower right abdomen will hurt really bad. Don't worry about if there is. GET IT CHECKED OUT!

What is the Best way to cure a cough?
The best way is to drink warm black current and not speak.Also try not to cough because it can hurt your chest.Honey and lemon is a good cure aswell.

What is it called if you have a deep cough your lungs hurt when you cough and your throat hurts?
Time to go to the doctor. You don't want to mess around with pneumonia or anything likely to turn into pneumonia.

Would the ribs still hurt after they are healed and have no cough etc?
No, but healing can take 6 weeks.

What causes your chest to hurt when you cough?
The pressure of the coughing against your chest and the inflammation building up.

Why does your right side Of my stomach hurt when you cough?
you have pulled your lower abdominal muscle. its perfectly normal but when you cough it feels like something wants to pop out of your lower stomach. similar to a hernia. but after cough goes away the muscle will go back to normal.

Can Hydrocodone and homatropine syrup hurt you?
this medication is a cough suppressor and IQOS Heets Purple Sigara Tütünü is a narcotic that works on the brain to arrest cough . overdose of this medication can produce comma and death use only as directed by a physician

What are some problems that could make your right side hurt a lot?
There are a lot of problems like a bruised liver and appendix that could be an issue. If your side continues to hurt, it is best to consult a doctor.

You are 38 weeks pregnant you have a cold when you cough your belly hurt?
It's probably just the muscles tighten when you cough. Same thing happens when you aren't pregnant but then you don't have a baby in there taken up space. Go to the doctor and ask what cough medicine you can use.

Will it hurt your breastfed baby if you took a teaspoon of sildec-pe cough syrup?
I took one teaspoon of sildec-pe and I'm breastfeading. Will it hurt my baby?

You have no appendix or right ovary so why does your right lower quadrant hurt?
My initial reaction is a possible hernia, but if it persists, see your doctor.

Will cough drops hurt your dog?
cough drops can be very harmfull to a dog ecause of the chemicals in them. couh drops can very easily get into there blood stream and make them tired drowsy and have the runs ALL THE TIME

How do you know when your cold is almost over?
your head will hurt less, your voice will begin to regain its strength and you will cough less and not have as much difficulty with your bones As they might hurt when you just got your cold

How can I tell when my appendix needs help?
You might run a low fever,even feel sick to your stomach. Most people hurt in their right side but sometimes it can hurt in all the lower part of your stomach. A friend of mine just had her appendix taken out and she said she thought she was constipated. She had been taking something to try and go to the bathroom but it didn't help. She feel great since she has had it removed.

Best recommended cough drop for children?
My throat hurt really bad so I bought HALLS COUGH DROP and my throat got better in 1 minute. I recommend HALLS. Plus this is for 5 years old or +.

Do you need to get whooping cough vaccine if you had whooping cough as a child?
Probably. If you are an adult and had pertussis as a small child, your specific immunity may be weakened after all this time. It wouldn't hurt to get the vaccination, especially if you are going to be around babies.

Are cough drops okay to eat if they are expired?
Yes. They won't hurt you; however, they may be less effective, or even ineffective.

Does getting your appendix removed hurt?
It would without anesthesia, but with modern medical techniques, the appendix is removed with a small incision, and although you will be sore for a little while, but there is no great pain.YES IT DOES SO BAD! I got mine out and I cried for days and I walked with a hunched up back for weeks!

How do you sing with a cough?
You really can't because your voice will be all scratchy and it will hurt a lot. But if you have to sing with a cough, I suggest first drinking lots of fluids, (ex. tea, water). Also, take some medicine for a cough or sore throat, cough drops, or anything like that. Another thing to make me talk better while I have a cough or sore throat is to take a shower or a bath, it...

You are 5 weeks pregnant with a horrible cough will it harm your baby?
Not likely, but the medicine that you might take for a cough can hurt your baby. Make sure that whatever you take for your cough is approved by your o.b. Also if your cough is getting worse make sure you see your doctor to rule out any serious infection. Make sure you are drinking lots of fluids to thin mucus in your chest. This should help too.

Can you occasionally mix three Ibuprofin pills with Tylenol Cough Sore Throat liquid?
If I were you I would only take 1 Ibuprofen(depending on what the MG's are) and then the Tylenol Cough medicine,because Ibuprofen can hurt the liver if taken in large doses.

Should you avoid being outside in cold weather when you have a cough?
It wouldn't hurt. Being outside will irritate your throat, and could make your cough worse. Try to stick to warm, humid environments, iqos heets cesitleri as this is the most comfortable ambient for our lungs and throat.

Why your head hurts when coughing?
because you brain your ears and you mouth is connected so when cough the tube connect to your brain shakes and they get aggervated and your head starts to hurt and this is proven because when you clean your ears with q-tips or anything else you start to cough.

What is the name of the martial arts movie where the star wore a white suit and had a bad cough that led to his getting hurt?
three evil masters

How to get rid of children cough?
I've had a cough and the best thing to do is drink ginger tea (hot of course) about 2-4 times a day depending on how serious the cough is. Trust me my dad has made me tea before and drinking it may hurt your throat but man, does it help you!! TRUST ME!also you can make lemone tea it also helps out with the pain!!!

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